Centrebet offers Big Brother betting odds on versions of the reality television program throughout the world. Big Brother is the brainchild of Dutch television executive John de Mol, whose Endemol production company developed the concept in 1999. The Netherlands was the first country to experience Big Brother but Endemol soon sold the rights to international stations such as CBS in the United States of America, Channel Four in the United Kingdom and Network Ten in Australia.

Big Brother is akin to a real-life soap opera in which contestants try to avoid periodic publicly voted evictions from a communal dwelling. The housemates, as they are known, are confined inside a specially designed building and forbidden from communicating with the outside world. They do not have access to writing materials, let alone such luxuries as the internet, radio and television. The only people to whom they can speak are their fellow competitors and some of the show's staff. The public watches daily highlights packages and evicts entrants at regular intervals. The last person to leave the house wins the prize.

Big Brother Reality Television Betting - Bet Types

Centrebet offers three types of Big Brother odds. Centrebet enables Big Brother enthusiasts to bet on the number of nomination points that each individual housemate receives. Centrebet frames eviction markets whenever there is a public vote to turf out one or more of the contestants. Centrebet's most famous option is the one that allows fans of the program to bet on the identity of the winner. Unfortunately for Centrebet, Big Brother is a fairly formulaic show.

Centrebet takes numerous bets on the winner of Big Brother Australia - which has become bigger than ever - with 14 housemates playing for a $1 million purse over 3 months. Now that's reality television!

Historically, males are more likely than females to triumph in Big Brother. There is no definitive explanation as to why men are more successful than women in the genre of reality television but one school of thought is that the voting demographics favour males. Women of above-average beauty find it particularly tough to reach the latter stages of such programs, whereas good-looking guys do not seem to be inconvenienced greatly. It happens too often for it to be a fluke.

Big Brother Reality Television Betting – Part Of A Bigger Range

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