Politics Betting – The Basics

Betting on elections has become a popular activity in recent years with Centrebet offering betting odds on major elections in many different countries. No election attracts more worldwide attention than the US Presidential Election. The 2004 US Presidential Election saw betting interest from Centrebet clients in over 20 countries, which highlights how global interest in the event is.

Politics Betting – Bet Types

The most common politics bet type offered by Centrebet is to pick the winner. As with any election, there will be endless factors to be taken into account as the election race hots up. As part of its ongoing commitment to politics betting, Centrebet will provide regular updates on many of the major election races.

Centrebet also offer individual seat bets, where clients can bet on candidates from each district, such as in the Australian Federal Election.

Politics Betting – Us Presidents 1961 – Present

President Term
John F. Kennedy 1961 - 1963
Lyndon B. Johnson 1963 - 1969
Richard Nixon 1969 - 1974
Gerald Ford 1974 - 1977
Jimmy Carter 1977 - 1981
Ronald Reagan 1981 - 1989
George Bush 1989 - 1993
Bill Clinton 1993 - 2001
George W. Bush 2001 -

Politics Betting – Part Of A Bigger Range

Centrebet is the world's leading entertainment bookmaker and takes bets on a wide range of competitions, including reality television shows, beauty pageants, and song contests. Register to bet with Centrebet and take advantage of our comprehensive range of betting odds. As well as offering online sports betting, Centrebet are renowned for offering a vast array of novelty betting events including Idol betting, Big Brother betting and odds on the Eurovision Song Contest.

Regular markets are posted on the NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL and Super Bowl, and PGA and LPGA Tour golf. Centrebet also offer a host of football soccer betting markets, covering such prestigious European domestic football competitions as the English Premier League, Bundesliga football, and Danish Superliga. Centrebet also offers Confederations Cup odds, Champions League soccer odds and UEFA Cup football odds.

Books for many of these events are now open for Centrebet customers. In order to bet on these sporting events, you first need to register to bet with Centrebet on our secure bet site. To register to bet with Centrebet, you must be 18 years of age or over. You can check our online sports betting calendar for more information on upcoming events.

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