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Best Betting Sites Australia

There are many betting sites available nowadays in Australia and punters need to be careful when registering with any site. Any licensed betting sites by a reputable licensing body can guarantee the safety and security of the punters.

About Best Online Sports Betting Sites in Australia

Selecting a best online betting site out of the numerous available ones is easy as it seems to be. The selection has been made easy for you with the availability of a group responsible for securing and watching your back. In the list, you are going to cover. All of these games must be compatible to the ones I have. There are criteria used in determining if a sportsbook should be ranked among the best or not. This is what will be discussed in this review.

Features of the Best Betting Site

When classifying a betting site as one of the best, there are some criteria that the site must possess and they include the following:

  • The navigation of the site must be easy
  • Offering of different forms of betting
  • Offering of in-play betting option
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • 24/7 customer support service

Selecting the Best Sports Betting Site

There are many best betting sites but the kind of sport you want to bet on can help in deciding the betting sites. For instance, if you want to bet on champions League you will need to find the site that is offering odds on champions League.

Explore the betting options

Some sportsbooks offer more betting options than others and it is left to find the one offering what you want and create an account to start betting. Different forms of gambling are available, you can bet on football, Wrestling, handball, and basketball. Therefore, if you want to play any of the game mentioned, you will need to find the bookmaker with the best odds and register with him. You can then place the amount you want on the best odd to secure you a win.

Explore the betting markets

Check the top staking sites in Australia in order to find staking markets you can choose. The possible results of a particular game after staking are what you will come across at staking markets. There are many means of locating the betting markets and some of the kind of bets you will come across there include under or over 2.5, both teams to score, and correct score, etc. Some sportsbooks allow players with building of bets for them to be able to choose any bet that com.

In-play betting

In-play betting is a bet in which players are allowed to bet when the match is still going on. After depositing, you can then place bet on your preferred option. You can stake before the match or use the in-play option. With the in-play option you will need to wait for the match to start before betting. You can decide if you want to win more money or will stick with the in-play option.

Bonuses and Promotions

In Australia, new players are no longer to liable to signing up bonuses which is normally given to players that just sign up with the betting site. In place of this, more promotions are readily available to players. Online sportsbooks used to give punters that just opened an account with them signing up bonuses however, it is no longer in effect due to the changes in the gambling regulations in Australia. On a good note, you can claim daily, weekly, or monthly promotions from the betting sites. You can be allowed to bet for free or your odd will increase. Ensure you check the T’s and C’s of the site for necessary information that will help you cash out massively.

Compatibility with Mobile Devices

Placing bets have been made easier with punters being able to stake using their mobile devices with betting apps sports. You can be at any place and stake as much as there is internet connection. Register with an online sportsbook to earn some cool bonuses and place your bet to win cool cash. You can use your android devices, iPhone, tablets, and windows to access the sportsbook sites and stake on your preferred game.

Depositing and Withdrawing Options

Before registering with any betting site, ensure you check out the payment methods available at the site. There are many means by which you can deposit into your account and withdraw from it. A particular betting site may accept a certain payment method whereas another site will not. This why you are advised to check out the banking methods available at the casino before registering there. Some of the banking options you can come across include Visa, MasterCard, POLi, and PayPal.

To deposit at any betting site all you need to do is to visit the cashier section of the site and select the bank option you prefer. Input the amount you are depositing and click on submit. Immediately you will received alert.

Different bank options may have its own minimum and maximum amount you can deposit or withdraw. Also, for most depositing action it is always immediately unlike when you are withdrawing. Check out the time it takes for the withdrawing process to be complete. Some take three days to be complete whereas some might take up to weeks.

Fantastic Innovative Features

Many online sportsbooks have added a feature that offer live betting. It is known as in-play option and punters will be able to place a bet when the match is going on. Also, the best bookmakers allow punters to share tips faith one another on a platform created specifically for that purpose. There are many innovative ideas that are available at each betting site and it varies from one site to another. These special features that are available to players at each betting site is to differentiate them from one another.

Customer Support Service

The best bookmakers always provide punters with good customer service. Punters will have answers to their questions by contacting the support staff. They are always available 24/6 to attend to the customers complaints. You can contact that through calling, live chatting, or emailing. There are some sites that only support two means of getting across to their support staffs. Read reviews about the betting site you want to register with to have information about the options available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to register with the betting sites on the list?

Absolutely! All the betting sites that we have recommended have license received in Australia. Once the site is licensed, the safety and security of the punters are guaranteed. Also, there will be no form of cheating and responsible gambling will be ensured.

Can new online sportsbook become one of the best betting sites?

Absolutely! Not all the best sportsbooks sites that were recommended ten years ago can still be considered as the best nowadays. There are no limit to the number of best betting sites either new or old. Once the site passed all the criteria used in selecting the best site then it will be added to the list of the best betting sites.

Do all betting sites offer the same odds?

Odds varies from one bookmaker to another however, the difference will be small. Most time there will be changes in odds during live betting or during a promotions that involve increase of odds.

Is it advisable to used online betting tips?

As much as betting tips help in deciding the possible outcome of a match it is advisable you carry out research on your own and use it to place your bet. There are many online tipsters nowadays and not all of them consider every possible things that can impact the bet before given a tip. So to avoid this scenario you should use your own discretion.

Is it possible to play casino games at betting sites?

Absolutely! There are many online casinos in Australia that offer different forms of gambling. You can play casino games and also move to another part of the casino offering sportsbooks where you can bet on sports. You would have seen an option that will direct you to the betting site at the casino.

The online gambling is yet to be fully embraced in Australia, and it has made some great progress compare to the state of things in the United States.

Although the development cannot be compared to that of the countries in Europe.The Interactive Gambling Act is the major form of legislation that covers the online gambling. In 2001, the enactment was made. This is only for the companies that offers the gambling activities to the players. The laws in Australia does not allow the unregulated to be in the market.

Interactive Gambling Act have only on recognize the online gambling such as Sports betting, racing and other lotteries.

What are the legal games in Australia?

Legal restrictions are not placed on games such as craps, slots, online poker, roulette, table games and the video poker.

The racing and sportsbetting are the major games specifically allowed by the law. Also, there are pari-mutuel betting horses. The sports wager include parlays, teasers and straight bets.

The Gambling Act

In 2001, the Interactive Gambling Act was passed. This enactment was made to deal with the explosion of online gambling. This Act was put in place to prevent the companies from offering casino games and online poker to the players.

The gambling sites in Australia are only given the chance to offer their services to the players outside Australia. With this, there are lots of restriction within Australia for operators, and the offshore sites were the ones providing for Australians illegally.

The bet companies in Australia are only given the chance to enter the racing and the sportsbetting. The reason is that they have gained much popularity a very long time.

However, the in-play betting is the sole exception to the online sports betting. The in-betting simply means placing bets on the games that are ongoing.

Even with the illegality and restrictions, we are yet to hear about situations whereby the Australian government sanctions anybody. Talks have been ongoing to ease the restrictions such that the online gambling market can thrive in Australia.


The major issue with Interactive Gambling is that it hinders the brands that are familiar to the Australian players from partaking in the internet poker. This is going to result into the offshore sites coming into play as they feel that they are not controlled by the laws in Australia.


Is online sport legal?

This is correct as majority of the Australian betting sites offer this.

Is online horse racing legal?

Most of these companies offer sport betting for the players

Is the online poker legal?

Technically, this is illegal. Only offshore companies can carry this out.

Has any online casino operator being sanctioned?

So far, we haven’t had any issue related to this.