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Australian casino – Online Casino for Australian Players

Australia is one of the country recognized for their gambling activities with players participating in casino games and poker games. Gambling at both local and international online casinos is not prohibited in Australia.

About Australia

One of the country where gambling is popular is Australia and players from the country are known to participate in playing games at different australian online casino or engage in sports betting. However, there are some things that should be known by players from Australia before participating in online gambling. Players need to understand the laws guiding gambling and the tax duties that is needed to be fulfilled. This is the purpose this review is going to serve.

Legality of Gambling in Australia

Gambling can be dated back to as far as 1700s when the dwellers arrived at the shores of Australia. Card games were brought into limelight in Australia by the Chinese dwellers although gambling is not a new thing to them. There are many times in the history of the country where attempts had been made by the government as regards the regulation of gambling. All the regulations do not keep up with the recent technology of the time thus, it will not be effective. However, regulating online gambling is not easy with the technological advancements available nowadays.

The First Law That Was Made About Gambling

In 1852, the first main law regarding gambling was passed which was meant to prevent the Australian players from getting involved in gambling. Then, restrictions was placed on tan-tan and two-up kind of games as at 1853. During that time, the general believe was that the card games are dangerous to the whole population.

Legality of Modernized Gaming in Australia

In Australia, card games were made illegal as at 1970s but this law has been changed due to the people clamoring for its legality. The government made online gambling legal after checking out the kind of money that can be made from regulating online casinos in Australia. Majority of the states were given the autonomy to decide if there will be regulation of games until 1973 that saw the advent of the first land based casino in the country. Due to the fact that online gambling has taken over the gambling space during the 1990s which made another law to be passed by the government in 2001 to regulate online casinos. The law is meant to ensure that the number of online casinos available to Australian players do not pass a specific number. However, this law was not effective due to the ability of the offshore casinos attracting Aussie players to visit their casinos. Therefore, in 2017 the Gambling Act was amended stating that the online casinos must obtained extra license from the government and including means through which players can safeguard themselves. In-play betting and free bets are prohibited according to the law that was amended.

Gambling Regulatory Bodies in Australia

As earlier stated, the government gave the states and territories autonomy to decide whether to legalize gambling or not. Although the commonwealth is the overseer of the gambling markets in general. Some of the regulating body in Australia include:

  • South Australia’s Independent Gambling Authority
  • The New South Wales Office of Liquor
  • The Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation
  • Australian Capital Territory’s Gambling and Racing Commission
  • The Northern Territory’s Licensing Commission.

Information about Players from Australia

Australian players that participate in live casino do not need to be afraid since there are many gambling platforms all over the country. You can play the slot games and table games at the casinos. Sydney and Melbourne are one of the few cities that offered the largest casinos in the country where players can participate in live poker. If you are gambling online, you have the luxury of registering with any casino of your choice inasmuch as players from your country are accepted at the casino. No harm will befall you for playing at international casinos although the government is still struggling to state the law as regard such casinos. Many amendments have been made to the law to meet the recent technological development and listen to the demands of the players. In the law, it is not stated that playing at the casino is an illegal act.

What is the number of players from Australia that involve in gambling?

According to the statistics in 2006, in one year 80% of the Aussies participate in any form of gambling. The Australian government realized up to five billion dollars from the gambling organizations in revenues and taxes. Three billion dollars was realized from live poker machines only. However, thе statistics in 2017 indicate that 70% of the Aussie players participate in any gambling activities. The government were able to generate from twelve billion dollars plus to fifteen billion dollars plus per annum.

What is the legality of playing at offshore online casinos?

Absolutely! The players are not considered to be participating in illegal activities when playing at international casinos. However, the government have been trying to let those casinos obtain license from the licensing bodies in Australia. You can select any site if your choice to play your favorite game. You will not be prosecuted for playing at online casinos that are not licensed in the country.

Is it legal to deposit into casino accounts and withdraw from it?

Yes, various means are available through which you can make payments online as quick as possible. Although the government may not be happy that the banks are letting such payments take place. Players can used different banking options that are available through third parties to deposit into their casino accounts and withdraw from it. Credit cards, prepaid cards, e-wallets, and checks are some of the payment methods you can use.

Are Australian Players required to pay taxes on their winnings?

When it comes to gambling, one of the country that does not invoke taxes on the players is Australia. If you win or lose, you will not be required to pay anything as tax for gambling. Since it all depends on luck it is not considered as a work thus, the believe is that both wins and losses will balance each other. However, the casinos and the operators are supposed to pay taxes thus, you do not have any concern as a player in regards to payments of tax. The amount the gambling organization will pay for tax will depend on the state it was located.

Can I play with AUD at online casinos?

There are many offshore online casinos that allow Aussies players to gamble using AUD. You will be able to make deposits and withdraw using AUD in most online casinos or poker sites. Although there are some casinos you will not have such opportunity but, most of the best online casinos will allow the use of different currencies. This will make gambling easier for players since there will be no need converting money from one currency to another.

How can I be sure of my security at online casinos?

There are some online casinos that are not safe and secure for players and that is among the reason why the government wanted to prohibit playing at international online casinos. But, there are many international online casinos that are of good reputation and possess licenses from well-known regulatory bodies. Also, to enable the players to play at the casino with peace of mind they also have the eCOGRA certification. The regulation of the casinos will be carried out by the body responsible for their licensing. eCOGRA will be in charge of auditing the online casinos to ensure there is no foul play. Thus, when Aussie players played at a casino having eCOGRA certification, they are assured of their safety and security.

How can I guarantee the safety of my money as an Australian player?

Before registering with any online casino especially the international ones, it is advisable for the players to carry out researches. Check for the license the casino possess and if it has eCOGRA certification. Then, you should always registered with reputable online casinos that have been operating for a while in the gaming industry.

Are online casinos operating with fairness?

Absolutely! Every licensed online casinos make use of RNG to ensure that there is fairness when dealing with players. Thus, all the gaming activities will be carried out at random and it will be determined by the machine that will be spin at random. Before any online casino will be granted a license, it must possess RNG and must be working properly.

Is there a means to report any foul play suspected?

Absolutely! Whenever you noticed that there is foul play you can contact the support service of the casino to report. If what you provided is sufficient enough the body in charge of the casino license will be contacted to investigate it.

Responsible Gambling

The government of Australia has ensured that all the players from the country are aware of the way through which they can gamble responsibly. That is where there is a site where information as regard the difficulties you can face when gambling can be obtained. The legality and the facts about gambling are stated there. You can check out the site for more information about gambling in Australia.

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