Betting Tips


There are many betting sites available nowadays in Australia and punters need to be careful when registering with any site. Any licensed betting sites by a reputable licensing body can guarantee the safety and security of the punters.

Check and select the best odds

Before placing a bet the first thing you will need to do is check out the odds. No one will want to place bet on odds that do not have high payouts. This is why it is the number one betting tips that will be discussed. It is the odd that will let you know the amount you will win after betting a certain amount. In case you need more information about odds you can check our reviews that are based on odds for more information. You can also check out the odds of various games from different betting sites and compare them. When you bet on high odds better odds you have better chance of winning big.

Carry out research

Carrying out research before placing a bet is the second tip that will be discussed. Although you can pick odds without research and win however, carrying out research increase your chance of placing the best bet. Because the more you have information about the game you are betting the more you will be able to predict the outcome and choose the right bet. When carrying out research some of the things you should look out for are the following;

  • The current form of the team you are betting on. Although the team may be one of the best in the league but you need to check it current form and previous results. If the team is in bad form then you should not bet on it because the probability of losing is high.
  • Also you should check the previous meetings between the two teams for the head to head stats. There are sometimes the odds given to both team will be close which mean the bookies are finding it hard to select a favourite. Then you should check out the previous matches between the two teams and who have the highest winning percentage. This will help you decide on who to bet on.
  • There are sometimes the best players of a particular team may be absent from the match day squad if you do not research about it you will not know. Knowing this can help you prevent losing some time. Also, the schedule of the team may be too tight that will involve those playing matches after three days. You may want to avoid placing bet on such team because fatigue will set in and the players may not play well on the field.

Bet on lesser odds

You will cash out massively if you win a fifteen fold accumulator with an odd of 2000/1 however, you have a slim chance of winning based on the odd. That is why you are being advised to go for four legs accumulators or lesser ones. Although the money can tempt you but it is advisable to stake on games with lesser odds.

Set a bet limit

Many gamblers do make the mistake of trying to win the money they lost back immediately but this is not proper. Instead, you may eventually lose all the money you want to use to stake. There are lot of options you can try out in a week instead of sticking to one thing. Ensure before you start betting you have already budgeted a certain amount you will use. This will prevent you from spending more than you can afford to lose. If today seems like your unlucky day you do not need to keep on betting you can come back tomorrow.


After going through the tips listed above you can then proceed to your favourite bookies and place your bets with the aim of securing a win. You can check out our site for the list of the top online sportsbooks you can visit if you are an Australian player. There is no way you will not find a sport you can stake on once with availability of different form of sports.


Check the top staking sites in Australia in order to find staking markets you can choose. The possible results of a particular game after staking are what you will come across at staking markets. There are many means of locating the betting markets and some of the kind of bets you will come across there include:

  • Under or Over 2.5
  • Both teams to score
  • Correct score, etc.

Compatibility with Mobile Devices

Placing bets have been made easier with punters being able to stake using their mobile devices. You can be at any place and stake as much as there is internet connection. Register with an online sportsbook to earn some cool bonuses and place your bet to win cool cash.

Bonus Options

Online sportsbooks used to give punters that just opened an account with them signing up bonuses however, it is no longer in effect due to the changes in the gambling regulations in. Australia. On a good note, you can claim daily, weekly, or monthly promotions from the betting sites. You can be allowed to bet for free or your odd will increase. Ensure you check the T’s and C’s of the site for necessary information that will help you cash out massively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is winning guaranteed by following the betting tips?

No, betting is a more of a game of luck than strategy, these tips will only increase your chance of winning. Also, you will be able to predict the possible outcome of a match but you can never say with certainty what will happen.

Is it advisable to receive tips from online tipsters?

With the advent of internet, it is expected that there will be many sites that provide punters with tips on what type of game they should bet on and how. Although the tips may be right and it can lead to winning however, the prediction cannot be right every time. That is why it is advisable for the punters to carry out research by themselves to be on safer side and not to be misguided.

Is it advisable to use the Martingale betting system?

Absolutely! You can win using this strategy however, it is more advisable that you avoid it because the strategy is based on recouping your losses. Such that when you bet a certain amount of money and lose the next bet you will placed will be times two of the initial one and if you win it will be doubled. However, winning is not sure and if you keep using this strategy while losing you may end up bankrupt.

When is the best time to place a bet?

Odds are usually available to players some weeks before the match however, it is advisable to wait till the day of the match before placing your bet. This is because the odds are not stable and you can receive a better one on match day. Also, you will have access to the lineup that will help you predict rightly. You could have bet on the game few weeks before and on the match day the star player got injured.

Is soccer tips illegal?

No, using soccer tips is not illegal and there is no violation of the T’s and C’s of the sportsbook. Moreover, there is no way the bookmaker will get to know whether you are applying soccer tips or not. It is not a sure game it is all based on predictions so you cannot be banned.

What is live betting?

In the case of a match, when it has already stated and you placed a bet it is known as in-play betting and it can also be called live betting. Live reactions are allowed in this type of betting.

Is it possible to put limits on the amount used in betting?

Absolutely! It is even advisable for punters to set limits before they start betting at any online sportsbooks. The best sportsbooks have provided punters with the options that will aid in preventing problems when gambling.